, Galapagos Island DX Expedition










Ham for 54 Years. Operated From 5B4, HC8, VP2E, VP2V, FG, FO, KZ5, 4U1ITU, ZF, V31, G, UA6L, T42US, T42A, KG4HI, TI5/WB2REM

Avid DXER & Contester. Operated From ZF2, T42US , KG4YL and KH6. Ham For 11 Years and Active On The Southern Cross DX Net and YL System.
David is originally from NJ and GA and currently resides in Cuenca, Ecuador. He is an avid DXer and works DX pileups from 8000 feet in the Andes Mountains.
Ellis is a DXer who enjoys both DX as well as the Galapagos wildlife. He was a park ranger and will help us identify the wildlife of the Galapagos.
Passionate DXer and naturalist with a particular interest in avian fauna. He operated as 7J6CCO during the 90s while living on AS-017. 



















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